The dude ranch vacation that follows you home

One of our goals at Vista Verde is to provide a compelling dude ranch vacation experience that creates memories that last long past the final adventure.  We hear great stories from folks of how they go to their “happy ranch place” when in the depths of a crazy day back at home.

Every once in a while, the Vista Verde ranch experience follows a guest home with a little more of a physical presence.  The past couple weeks have been some fun reminders of those cases.
Earlier in the month, Joe and Linda visited us during our first adult only week.  It was a great group of people, and a lively dynamic.  Linda is an avid horsewoman, but Joe found himself exploring some other adventures.  One of those was mountain biking with Steve.  Now, those of you who have spent time with Steve know quite well what a gear-head he can be about his bikes and skis, among other things.  Joe had such a great time mountain biking on his vacation with Steve, that he decided to extend the experience and bought a bike.  We are now enjoying the stories of Joe making sure the UPS driver knows the bike is coming, getting his bike, and his first ride…..which translated into a new pair of padded biking shorts.  We love that he has found this new hobby, and one that is so healthy too!

Last week, Wendy and Eric joined us for one of our cattle round up weeks.  Wendy is another guest who has found Vista Verde following her home.  In this case, it was a horse several years ago.  Yep, book a dude ranch vacation, and come home with a horse!  Sounds crazy, but it’s not the first time that’s happened.  It was fun to talk to Wendy as they were heading home about how when she misses the ranch, she can always look at Sally’s brand and be reminded of her time here.  Now, that’s one heck of a souvenir!

There are more fun stories like this.  Not everyone will have a piece of Vista Verde follow them home to that extent, but it’s fun to think of the different ways the ranch stays in peoples hearts and minds when they aren’t here with all of us.  Share your story as we’d love to hear how Vista Verde stays with you, in big ways or small ways.