Kitty love at the ranch

Melissa gives us the inside scoop on the kitties

Being on a ranch, it’s not rare to be surprised by an unlikely visitor. This summer we’ve had a guest wake up to a deer peeking through their window, rustling noises from a bear walking alongside a cabin, porcupines making themselves at home on porches, and coyotes howling off in the pasture. In the wilderness you never know what you’ll find. And recently, we’ve had a few other visitors.

There used to be several cats at the ranch, but as they moved on in life, it became just Harley (also known with endearment as Nappy Cat).  She had her hands full, being the sole hunter.  But, she has recently had some new friends.

Our cats Cookie and Lovey once lived at the mare barn. Their job: hunting mice. But it turns out they like the company of people a lot more than horses so they decided to move up the driveway and hang around the cabins. Not only are they patrolling a new area, but they’ve made themselves at home.  (Please keep in mind we do not let cats in our cabins or buildings, so do not fear if you are allergic.)

After a relaxing afternoon in the hot-tub last week, our guests Mark and Kim left their towels lying on top of the hot-tub cover. When they woke up the next morning they realized one of the cats, Cookie, had nestled herself in the towels making a nice little bed for the night. She was just too cute to move, so they left a note for the housekeepers asking if it was ok to keep the bed for their new friend.  Who could say no to that! From then on, Cookie joined Mark and Kim almost every night this week on their porch.  Who can deny that a warm hot tub cover makes for a cozy place to cuddle up on a chilly evening?

Let’s hope Cookie and Lovey don’t forget about the mice, as they live in the lap of luxury at Vista Verde!