Even Big Kids Love Ice Cream!

This week we were surprised with a nice little treat: Vinny’s mom visited in her ice cream truck!

Vinny is one of our esteemed chefs, who just happens to be from nearby Steamboat Springs. His mom is Buffalo Gal, and drives the neighborhood ice cream truck. (World’s coolest job? Aside from working at a guest ranch, I think so!)

She pulled up just after lunchtime today, a special treat for staff and guests. You could barely hear the nostalgic ice-cream-truck music because the excited cheers were so loud!

Surprisingly, several of the staff had never had ice cream trucks visit their neighborhoods, so it was a first!  (We caught Reid skipping to the truck!)

Even Rosey got into it.  She went right up to the truck, made her choice and then sat down until Ruth gave her a Frosty Paws treat.

What a fun treat… by the end, everyone had big smiles (and even bigger ice cream mustaches!)

There’s something about an ice cream truck that brings out the kid in everyone (as evidenced in the photos above), and that’s just fine with us!

As for the favorite treat… it was a mix, just like the staff, no one treat was chosen over the other.