Autumn Comforts

by Alaya
Fall at the ranch. What a beautiful time of year!

Last week marked the official transition into autumn, but our season had already begun. The aspen leaves have changed from bright green to a blazing yellow – punchy and vibrant.

The nights have gotten cold, and the mornings are just as brisk. It makes for a good night’s sleep, but the days of leaving the windows wide open at night are over.

This time of year, one steps outside at the end of the evening to the indescribable scent of… fall – the deep, rich scent of earth and fallen leaves, mixed with the warm, comforting scent of smoke from the wood-burning stoves in each of our guest cabins.
Looking up at the hillside, one sees the row of cabins, lights glimmering tucked against the hills. Depnding on the night, the sweet scent of autumn may be accompanied by the yipping of coyotes, bugling elk or ribbons of laughter pouring from a cabin deck.

As the days progress, the temperatures begin to drop and you can sense that snow is not too far off.

I’m bracing myself for my first winter in the mountains, my first winter in northern Colorado. I’m not sure I’m ready for the season’s length (or the snow’s depth!) but I am looking forward to the cozy comfort I know that this ranch will offer during the long winter months.

And until then, I will continue to marvel at the vibrant landscape.