The power of a photo

Often times, guests get better photos than any professional photographer can capture at the ranch.  That is the advantage   of staying at a place for an extended period of time- you have more chances of being at the right place at the right time.   We always appreciate it when our guests share a great photo, or several great photos, they took during their stay.

Earlier this summer, we shared on our Facebook page, some great shots taken by John on the 4th of July, that blew me away.  This one of Nicky coming home from our Star Spangled Stampede, was powerful.

Last week, Tammy shared an amazing photo she took during her stay.  It was a very special photo, and I put it up on our Facebook page Sunday morning.  Well, the photo went completely viral, and took off on Facebook.  The marketing geek in me found it fascinating to watch the stats grow through that day, and the following days.  As of this morning, the photo had been seen by almost 15,000 people.  61 people shared that photo on their wall, about 750 people “liked” the photo, and we have had 82 people make comments to us about the photo.  For a little dude ranch in Northwest Colorado, those are significant numbers!

I love the light in this photo, and it is real, for those of you who asked.  We do truly get sunsets like this at Vista Verde!

Another great photo from the summer is this shot taken by Debbie, who shared a group of her photos with us this past week as well.  I think it really captures the magic of the morning round up at Vista Verde.  It’s always a peaceful time, with amazing morning light, until the horses come charging into the corral.  They kick up dust, raise the energy level and stir up the calm that is sitting over the ranch.

Thanks to all our wonderful guests who share photos of their stays with the ranch.  We greatly appreciate having the shots, and love sharing them with all of you too!  Even if you don’t get a chance to visit the ranch, you can enjoy a bit of an armchair voyage through photos.