Hard work has its rewards

Ben and Holly’s son Jack, learned about the rewards of hard work this summer.  In the spring, he had asked if he could help out at the ranch a bit, and earn some money.  Of course, being the loving father, Ben told him he could help with washing dishes.  As it turns out, Jack was a lifesaver for our staff as he would jump in and help during the day with dishes, and make all of their lives much easier, and a bit more fun.  In between dish duty, he would learn from the chefs, and has gained an appreciation for the culinary arts.

But, the big payoff for Jack was when he cashed in his paychecks and bought himself an Ipad.  He bought it all by himself, with the money he earned helping out around the ranch this summer.

It’s fun to watch staff grow and develop, but I have to say we all took some serious pleasure in watching Jack enjoy the materialistic benefits of hard work on the day his Ipad arrived.   Now, it’s time to get ready to go back to school.  We hope Jack returns to school with some new life skills, pride in himself, and an understanding of what it means to help others.  But, if nothing else, he’ll have a rocking new Ipad to enjoy!