Happy Trails, and come back home real soon

For those of you who have been at the ranch over the years, you may remember Dace standing in front of the campfire saying, “Around here, we don’t say goodbye.  We say come back home real soon.”  That is his hallmark statement for anyone leaving the ranch.  At this time, it becomes our turn to say that to Dace.

Much to the loss of all of us, it became Dace’s time to move on to a new venture.  After over 6 years at the ranch, and being an integral part of what Vista Verde is today, Dace has hung up his cowboy hat and loaded up his truck to head down the driveway.

Although Dace has been a hugely influential part of molding the ranch into today’s Vista Verde, his biggest contribution has been visioning and piecing together the amazing staff that we have had the joy of working with each season.  This is no small feat to find the talented and service minded folks who he has found over the years, place them in the right spot on the ranch, and build the community that defines the ranch experience.  We have a great template in place now, so moving forward will be easy with what Dace has put in place for all of us to enjoy.

Dace’s impact on the ranch came through in so many different ways as well.  The music, the special events, the daily operations all are what they are because of his love of the guest ranch experience, his care for making each moment just right for all of you, and his joy in celebrating the ways in which we can impact people at the ranch.

In saying goodbye to Dace, we all lose a great friend, a mentor and a partner in our mission at Vista Verde.  But, we rejoice with him as he moves on in life.  Next up?  First, a little time focusing on his family and helping with some big events going on in their lives.  After that, he’s heading back to school to pursue another Masters Degree.  It’s time for Dace to start checking off some items on his bucket list that were hard to do when he had so much energy going toward the ranch.

So, at this time, please join us in saying Happy Trails to Dace.  But, it’s not goodbye.  It’s come back home real soon.  Thanks for being part of this great adventure that is Vista Verde.