Why I love our staff

There are so many reasons why I love the ranch staff at Vista Verde.  Overall, they are just fun people, and who doesn’t want to work with people who are fun?  But, I had a reminder of some of the other reasons I think they are all so great this past week.

Our housekeepers are often times overlooked.  Their job isn’t all that prestigious, and they deal with some pretty awkward situations from time to time.  Here are these smart, educated, talented people doing the dirty jobs with a smile on their face.  But, day after day, they show up with a great attitude to care for our guests behind the scenes.

The other day, as the girls were busy doing a deep clean on the Lodge, Sarah came by and asked if I had a rope or a strap. I was trying to figure out why she needed one as I looked around the office.  Finally I gave her the strap to my computer bag, still not sure what was going on.  Next thing, I see her strapping on what we call and edger (small vacuum to get the edges of the room, small corners, etc..).  She looked like she was straight out of Ghostbusters.   A little creativity, a little smarts, a little sense of humor, and suddenly her job of vacuuming around the Great room became fun.

So many more reasons to love them, but Sarah deserved a shout out for putting a smile on my face that day.  I’m sure all of you who have been to the ranch have fun stories of how our staff have done the same for you.  Feel free to share them with us!