Vista Verde Staff Glow in the Dark

Once a month during the summer, we try to gather our staff together for some good old-fashioned fun. It’s a chance to kick back, relax and let off some steam together. Last night, we gathered for a late-night game of Capture the Flag out at Homestead cabin – complete with all-black ninja-wear and color-coded glow sticks.

We played two rousing rounds (red versus blue in honor of the upcoming holiday.) The red team took it both times. Even this morning, team members were still talking strategy. We may have to have a re-match later in the summer.

After the game, we settled in around a makeshift campfire to sing songs and eat treats from the kitchen. While we missed the warmth and sweet smell of a real campfire, Colorado has seen too many flames this summer. We were happy to do our part by gathering around a Coleman lamp.

All in all it was a great night. With the moon three-quarters full and the call of the sand-hill crane audible (even over the chaos of the game), it was a gorgeous night to be out, active and spending time with one another.