Vista Verde Has Bold Western Style

There’s nothing quite like cowboy style. The distinctive hat, the yoke-backed shirt, the big belt buckle, boots, and chaps. Add spurs and a bandana around the neck and you’ve got yourself a western hero.

Whether it’s because of his Texas roots or his handlebar moustache, no one has western style quite like our wrangler Nathan. Nathan is known for wearing incredible graphic shirts with bold western themes. Paired with his hat, boots and chaps,  he represents the real deal.

A few weeks ago, Sarah came across one of his shirts available at a discounted price. She purchased several of them and handed one to each of the servers.

They waited expectantly for Nathan to wear his shirt again, and when he finally did weeks later – they were ready. He showed up to lunch that day to find a gaggle of girls wearing the same bold shirt as he was.

There is no doubt about it: we have fun here at Vista Verde.

Check out the photo of Nathan and the girls. Kind of looks like the album cover for a country-western family band, doesn’t it?