The romance factor at Vista Verde

Yesterday’s post by Alaya, along with receiving some great photos from a wedding of former staff members got me thinking.  There are so many couples who met at Vista Verde as staff, who have now turned into wonderful marriages.  What is it about this place?  Between romantic honeymoon vacations, surprise engagement getaways and couples rekindling the flame over long winter weekend stays, Vista Verde does have a strong romance factor.  But, it doesn’t stop with the guests.  In fact, there is a pretty big track record of this place being a meeting spot for young folks who work at the ranch, who then go on to date and get married.
To start off, we should all send a great Congrats to Stacy and Daniel Knapp, who just tied the knot this past weekend.  The two of them worked at our Colorado ranch several years ago, and began a relationship as they were making their plans to move on to the real world.  What is even more fun is that there were several other Vista Verde alumni included in their wedding.  Jess, Kimmie, Cliff and Lindsey were all in attendance, and a very special part of the event.  We wish all the best to the Knapp’s in their marriage, and hope the Vista Verde magic continues to make it a wonderful relationship.

This got me thinking about where we are in the marriage count.  I can only count back as long as I’ve been at the ranch, but here is what I come up with.  If any former staff are reading this, please comment and let me know if I’ve missed a couple:

Robin and Aaron

Sarah and Mark

Meredith and Tom

Adair and Dusty

Ashley and Ryan

Jill and Doug

Alaya and Cholly

Ashley and Jonathan

Julie and Austin

Bekah and Rusty

Rachael and Brett

Stacy and Daniel

Johanna and Javin

Who are we missing?