Carpe Deim

Hello, my name is LaFray and I’m an insatiable horseman that’s been derailed from my pursuits by a head injury 11-years ago. My work related injury has not only sidelined my horse aspirations, but my whole life. I have chronic daily headaches and migraines which makes me a product/slave to pain. However, when I feel good, nothing can keep from enjoying my passions in life: my husband, riding or just playing with horses, and enjoying a romp with my dogs.

I view life a little different than some…I never take anything for granted, so I seize the day (Carpe
diem), or in my case, the moment, at every opportunity. I find equines the best medicine for what ails me. I receive so many physical and emotional benefits from riding, playing, grooming them, that I can’t begin to list them all. What I can say is that I receive twice as much from the horse than I give.

My husband and I have not had a vacation since my injury date of April 2002. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to share an exiciting fun filled horse vacation than with the love of my life. He has spent almost 11-years worrying and caring for me….finding the best doctors, driving me to doctor’s appointments when I couldn’t drive myself, cooking and cleaning. He’s a saint!

This trip would be my special "thank you" to him. Not too many men would stand by their wives the way he has stood by me!

I would just like to thank you for the opportunity to enter this incredible giveaway, and good luck to everyone who enters. It’s a dream vacation!

Note: I have no physical limitations that would prevent me from experiencing this wonderful resort. Doctor verifications upon request.

Thank you!
LaFray Gadoury

Name: laFray Gadoury
City: Harrisville
State: RI