Signs of Spring

I returned from a great vacation yesterday, and it was so great to be back at the ranch.  It’s amazing how the place can change so fast.  When I left, there were still little bits of snow on the hillside behind the cabins, some here and there in the pastures, and plenty of mud.  Upon return, I find pastures mostly dried up, grass peeking out, and aspen leaves starting to show their brilliant spring green.  Two foals were born while I was gone, so there are babies romping around all over the pasture at the mare barn.  And, Lakota is due any day now…so many signs of life.

We’re in the official countdown to opening day with just a month to go.  I’m busy getting the guest packet information all trued up and ready to send to those of you coming this summer.  Dace is putting the final touches on the amazing team of people he’s rounded up for the summer dude ranch season.  Terry and Reid and a slew of helpers are tuning up horses, getting them ready for all of you to ride.  We are lucky to have the ability to spend so much time working on our horses in order to improve our guests’ riding experience.  The kitchen is closed down for a couple weeks, so we are all brown bagging it for meals, which is a shock here when we are all so spoiled by great meals the rest of the year.  Charlie and a few ranch hands were moving in new hot tubs on a few cabins yesterday, fixing fence, and getting everything outside tuned up.  Bill is chipping away at his off-season hit list for the cabins, the vehicles and all the ever demanding water system.  So much to do, so little time.

It does seem to be the season for cancellations.  While I was gone, we had 4 cabins fall through, so Melissa was busy calling people on the wait list, and I am trying to fill back in those holes now that I’m back.  If you are still interested in a summer visit, let me know as we may have a spot!  There isn’t a whole lot for July or August, but there is some room in June at this point if you still want to plan a family vacation in Colorado.

This week I will get some photos up on Facebook and on this blog so you can see the transition of the seasons at the ranch.  It’s exciting to feel it in the air!