Cowboys and Kayaks

An unlikely combination, cowboys and kayaks, yet it was reality at the ranch this week.  During our orientation weeks, we do try to have a bit of fun.  After spending all day packing information into their brains, it’s nice for the staff to laugh a bit, have some fun and blow off a bit of steam.  The other night, a grill party out on the patio quickly turned into kayak races on the pond when Terry brought out the kayaks he’s been keeping over at his house.

Maybe it is because we have staff who are all high achievers and like to be the best.  I’m not a psychologist, but I have noticed that our staff in general tend to be fairly competitive and always want to win.  With that trait, something like a leisurely boat ride instantly turns into a competition.  So, the paddles were flying, and the peanut gallery was cheering.  Official results will not be posted publicly, as we didn’t have an official scorekeepers.  But, I will say that Dace is awfully aggressive with his paddle when it comes close to the finish line, and it seems that it wasn’t always being used to propel his boat forward.

And, once again, Melissa proved that she is good at everything.  I’ve been hearing these urban legends of her golden touch, and how she is good at anything.  At first, it’s hard to believe, with her quiet manner.  But, I’ve now witnessed her, in just one week,  pull out the unexpected win in bowling and kayaking.  So, keep that in mind when you call the ranch to book your dude ranch vacation and speak with this soft spoke, mild mannered lady.  She’s secretly planning how she will obliterate you in team penning.