Mending the Fence

It’s that time of year.  The mud is oozing around as the snow melts, and the ranch has a quiet hush as there are no guests and very few staff.  As much as we are all people orientated folks who work here, it is nice to have some down time to get projects done, regroup and then prepare for the upcoming summer dude ranch season.
One of the projects that falls into the regroup category is going through all the Mending the Fence sheets from the previous season.  Mending the Fence is our version of a comment sheet, as one of the tasks ranchers have to do to keep up their ranch is to mend the fences.  Last week, Emily undertook the Herculean task of organizing and typing up all the comments so we could look at them by department.  Most seasons we get great feedback- from suggestions on ways to improve our programs, facilities, food and more, to comments like, “Don’t change a thing”, or special thanks to certain staff.  Some of them make us laugh, some make us pause and think about how we can tweak things to make the ranch vacation experience better.

However, this winter there was one suggestion that just keeps me laughing, and I can’t get out of my head.

“Can you please change the physics so water boils at a higher temperature enabling tear to brew properly”

We’ll get right to work on that!

Thanks to all our guests who shared their observations, whether serious or in jest, with us this past winter ranch resort season.  We do take it seriously, and are always working on making things better at Vista Verde!