Snow Dances

It’s nice to know that Mother Nature can call us all out on ever thinking we can control anything in life.   After last winter’s amazing snow fall, breaking records left and right, and leaving us piles of snow to start our summer season in June, this winter has gone the other direction.  As you can see from the photos (credit to amazing staff photography Jessica Eck!), there is some snow, and it is beautiful out here, we just get spoiled out here and have pretty high expectations.

In November, when we received about 3 feet of snow, we thought we were off to an early start of the winter resort season in Colorado.  December rolled around and it wasn’t as generous.  The staff came in for training, and there wasn’t any fresh snow.  But we still had so much from November, that we weren’t concerned.  As orientation went along, we all just kept thinking, “The fresh snow will come”.  And then it never did.  This same mindset played into the holidays, when we kept expecting that we would wake up to a White Christmas, and never did.  Having so much snow in November still made it a winter wonderland out here, and still allowed us to get out and enjoy the snow on skis, snowshoes, horses, sleighs, and snow tubes.  But, like I said before, we’re kind of spoiled out here and used to fresh snow gracing us frequently!

Last weekend, we had a beautiful dump of fresh snow, that added another great layer to the white frosting on the roofs of the cabins and Lodge.  It allowed Charlie to groom a little more of our ski trails, and for the guides to get to some terrain that they hadn’t skied for a little while.  This morning, the wind is kicking in and another storm should be rolling into the area.  We’ll see how much snow this storm brings, but are just grateful for anything we get these days!

So, my mantra this year has been, “Do your snow dances!”.  What’s a snow dance?  It’s whatever you want it to be.  Grooving to funky tunes, rocking out to the 80’s, sliding to a salsa beat, you name it.  Just turn up the tunes, think about snow, and start dancing!  Here’s the best part of it:  you will burn calories, have some fun, and it will help you get in shape for you to come out and strap on some skis to enjoy the fruits of your labor!  I have no idea if snow dances work, and the inner cynic in me doesn’t even want to think about it….but it’s fun so go with it.  Do your snow dances, and I’ll let you know if it’s working!