‘Tis the Season

Here we are, 5 days until we open for the season, and despite the wintery feel outside, the heat is definitely turned up at the Ranch these days.  For those of you who follow this blog, you may notice a direct correlation with our orientation weeks and me falling off the blogging bandwagon.  It’s a pretty intense time here at Vista Verde each season. 

There really aren’t that many new staff this winter, but most of the return staff are from last summer so that still need to get the full orientation so they know what to expect from a winter season.  As much as we are still the same good old Vista Verde, the two seasons are really quite different.  With folks coming and going every day, rather than a set check-in and check-out day, there isn’t as much of a rhythm to the winter season.  And, an entirely different set of activities as well as the job of moving snow daily means new roles for most of the staff. 

Sarah is heading up the dining room again this winter, with Jessica returning to help her but a new crew otherwise.  Melissa is leading the charge in housekeeping with Lindsey returning to take off her hiking boots and dig in on any dirt inside the cabins.  Also changing hats is Kristin, who swapped her dining room role for a more behind the scenes one in housekeeping.  You wont miss her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone as she’ll still make her presence known!  Steve and Kelli have a whole new crew in the guide department, but all faces you may recognize from this past summer.  Kathy (dining room), Jess (wrangler) and Zack (ranch hand) have all felt the pull of the outdoors and are busy learning the ins and outs of the Nordic Center.  Matt has a largely returning crew in the kitchen with Lewis, Lisa and Vinny all sticking around.  Evan is going to help over the holidays as well.  In the office, Krista (KC) has come back for another dose of keeping me organized, as well as the entire ranch.  And Charlie has Jason and Tom back as well as Anna jumping in from the barn to help with everything outside.  John saved us in a pinch by jumping in to help for the short term when Dace had the coveted dishwasher position open up last minute.  And Terry and Reid (who has taken the head wrangler role) are lucky enough to have Nathan and John sticking around to help in the barn.  So, as you can see, there are many familiar faces in addition to Ben, Dace, me, Charlie, Steve, Kelli, Terry, Reid, Nicky, Beka, Matt and Bill.  We hope you enjoy seeing them this winter, as well as meeting those who are here for their first season!

You can enjoy reading about the crew on our Staff page.  Photos of the new folks will be coming soon as Carla just took them late last week.

I’m excited that I have two writers in the Front office, so expect to see some guest blogging this winter.  Requests for topics are always welcomed!