Snow Sisters

First off, I would bring my sister since I only see her every other year. Our stay would look more like an adventure vacation than relaxation. Plus, we love snow and how beautiful nature is out west. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs and my sister lives in the Charlotte suburbs. My area gets a little snow and her area doesn’t really get even a dusting. So, going to a winter wonderland trip would be a real treat and would create lasting memories.

Our mornings would start off with a hardy breakfast. Then, after putting on several layers of warm cloths, we would be ready for our first adventure. We would try backcountry skiing. I’d bring my camera along to capture shots of landscapes and wildlife. Another morning, we would try snowshoeing. I’m sure we would laugh at how silly we would look trying to do the “duck walk.” I hope a bear doesn’t find us on the trail, ha, ha. How would we duck walk away quickly?

If there is time before lunch, we would try snowbiking. I’ve actually never even heard of snowbiking until I saw the ranch’s photos. It looks like a lot of fun. After that, I bet we would be ready for a good lunch.

Our afternoons would be filled with horse riding. We love riding in the snow. My sister doesn’t currently own a horse, but I still do. Whenever it snows even just a little in my area, I can’t wait to take my Quarter Horse out on the trail. Of course, I take my camera too. My best landscapes and wildlife shots come from having a better view from horseback.

After a good ride, we would be ready for a beautiful and relaxing sleigh ride. Or, try the two hour snowmobiling trip which is something we have always wanted to do. Also, we would love to try dog sledding.

Then, we would be ready for dinner and a soak in the hot tub. There is nothing like sitting in a hot tub surrounded by beautiful nature covered in snow.

Overall, there is so much to do that it is difficult to decide. I bet a trip to Vista Verde Ranch would leave us wanting time come back time and time again with all of the activities offered. Also, my sister and I love visiting ranches. We absolutely love trying activities, exploring new places and learning from the ranch staff.

I have attached a photo from when I was riding my horse in the snow from a few years ago. That was a special year because there was about two feet of snow on the ground. My area doesn’t usually get nearly that amount. It gets about a few inches here and there.

Name: Cynthia Kunnas
Company: Rider University
City: Newtown
State: PA