How you know vacation worked

I have kept this email in my inbox as I just love reading it. Each time I read Jason’s words, I laugh. But it also reminds me how a Vista Verde experience follows people home. While Jason was here with some friends, we talked a bit about how people take their experiences at the ranch home with them, and how that impacts their lives in different ways. Even after 15 years at this ranch, I am still amazed at how it creeps into many people’s lives when they are not here with us. It’s humbling, and exciting to know the ranch has that power. So, for your reading pleasure, I share Jason’s statement after he returned from our fall horsemanship retreat:

I got on the freeway this morning and needed to pass a car in front of me. I shifted my hips in the seat, lifted my left leg slightly, and started to move my right leg in….when I tried to pizza box my hands over the steering wheel it occurred to me that the car wouldn’t pass like I wanted….

Many thanks to the team. It’s always a good time.