The Vista Verde sigh

Guests Kim and Mark were talking about the Vista Verde sigh the other day.  What is that?  It’s that really big sigh you let out at some point soon after arrival.  The one that cues you that you are finally on vacation in Colorado.  The one that lets you know you have left reality behind.  The one that makes you start feeling your body come alive, your mind become peaceful, and your adventures begin.

For some, this sigh comes as soon as they walk in the front door into the Great Room.  For some, it’s after unpacking bags.  For others it’s that first glass of wine, sitting around the campfire after dinner.  And for others, it’s not until the first couple rides, hikes or bikes, or after catching that first fish.

When do you have your Vista Verde sigh?  Once you are back home, can you remember how that sigh felt and revisit it during a stressful day?