The New West and the Old West

Vista Verde is a unique ranch in many ways.  We work really hard to provide amazing food and accommodations, service and hospitality.  But, when people ask me what makes us different, I often single out the diversity of activities.  There are so many great aspects of the ranch, and we are very multidimensional in our goals to make it the best dude ranch possible.  But, the diversity is indeed unique, and something we invest a lot of energy and resources in maintaining.  So, when Steve King brought this picture down to me after one of his bike rides the other day, I had to laugh at how it embodied so much of who we are as a dude ranch.  We seem to be a combination of the Old West, with horses and cowboys, with the New West, filled with mountain bikes and people seeking out a healthier lifestyle.

So, whether we bring the cows in on mountain bikes or by horseback, we’ll get those last ones in before the snow flies. Because, that is when those of us in the West put our skis on and go play!