Country Love

The first thing I would do the second I step out of the vehicle is smell the fresh crisp country air. Ahhhh! My eyes would be in wonder of all the beauty that surrounds me. The cattle grazing, the horses looking up with their ears at full attention wondering who I am??? Depending on the weather and if there is no snow on the ground I would be the first one to sign up for horse back riding where ever you will take me. If you are having a chuckwagon dinner, I will be ready… pronto!!! After a long day on horse back I would enjoy a nice message or soak in the hot tub surrounded by the beautiful scenary. I can only imagine what the food would taste like mmmm goood, ain’t it funny how different and yummy food taste out in the country? I would be eating very good for 3 days! I would truly enjoy that experience and take in everything you have to offer, being a single working 40 hour a week mother I sure do need it!!

Name: patricia newsom
City: santa fe
State: new mexico