Love and Vista Verde

Something was a little more sparkly in the barn this week.  What was it you ask?  New saddles?  Polished spurs?  Someone cleaned the water trough?  No, no, no.  It was a shiny new diamond ring.  Yes folks, Javin did it.  He asked Jo to marry him.  The fact that we’ve all kind of been waiting for this to happen doesn’t in one bit take away from the excitement and joy for the two of them.  Thrilled would be an understatement. Jo had two new horses to try out last week, and so she and Javin took an evening ride up past Hinman Lake to test them out.  No one really knows if the horses passed the test, as we were all a bit too excited congratulating them and admiring the new ring.  So, if you’re wondering why Javin has a spring in his step and Jo can’t wipe that gorgeous smile off her face, now you know.  Congratulations to Jo and Javin!  We were rooting for you, and will continue to root for you!