Barn Dance Ben

Last night was the last night of barn dances before we head into our adult only weeks. All summer long, kids have stomped it up on the dance floor with Barn Dance Ben calling the dances.  Whether it was the younger ones laughing and dancing with their mom or dad, or a terrified teen being lured out on the dance floor by one of the staff members, we enjoyed having families together for some old fashion fun.

Those of you here in past years may have remembered Barn Dance Bob.  Well, with a little teasing, prodding and encouraging, Ben decided to take on the barn dance calling this year so we could keep it a little more, ummmm, updated and personal.  Thus the new moniker of Barn Dance Ben.  Dace stepped in a bit too….shall we can him Dancing Dace?

With this last week of kids at the barn dance, we move into a new stage of the summer.  Come Sunday, there might not be quite as much giggling, but we will have a houseful of folks here to explore the ranch without children.  Next Tuesday night we’ll be kicking up our heels without little ones underfoot.  That may make the dance a bit more lively, but we challenge to adults to laugh as much, dance as much and live as large as the kids have done this summer.  Barn Dance Ben, it’s up to you to get those folks dancing!  Can he do it?