Rain, rain, go away!

2011 may officially be the craziest year of weather, and I’m saying that only half way through the year. You all probably heard enough of my talk about the winter with immense amounts of snow we had at our Colorado dude ranch. And then there was the spring …… with immense amounts of snow. As we moved into June, in a panic that the snow wasn’t going away, the sun finally came out and things started to dry up. June was sunny, warm and pleasant. The start of a nice summer.

But, July has thrown us a curve ball, with a wet weather pattern like I’ve never seen here before. Cloudy days, rainy afternoons, and just a little sunshine here and there. The upside? No dust, no pollen, cool temps, and crystal clear skies when the sun does appear. But, even my children have decided that they have done enough stomping in puddles. My 3 year old told me yesterday she wants the sun to come out. I’m with her. So, there are times we do snow dances, and right now we are doing sun dances! Start dancing friends, we could use all the help we can get!