My Dream Vacation

When I was 19 years old I moved to California to go to school. I took the train from Chicago headed to Sacramento Ca. We arrived into Denver early one December morning in 1986. I had never seen the Rocky Mountains before and as I sat in the observation car I was memorized by the immense beauty that surrounded me. I just sat there thinking this is where I want to spend the rest of my life, and was starting to wish I had found a school in Colorado. Over the next 3 years I made many trips on the train because I wanted to see this beautiful country.
Life has a way of bumping you and moving you around this globe and I never got to see any more of this place than what I experienced looking out from the train window. My wife of 18 years and I always throw around the idea of going to Colorado for vacation but something always seems to get in the way especially, the money end of things. My wife and I have looked at Vista Verde on many occasions, but what is so amazing about this contest is that she had just put out a jar that is for spare change to save up to go to Vista Verde.
We never had a honeymoon and I was hoping to save up to take her somewhere really special for our 20th in 2014. I am currently in the Illinois National Guard and just learned I will be heading back to Afghanistan later this year and I will be gone for our 20 th wedding anniversary. This year is about to get very busy in preparing for me to leave, she herself works as a government contractor for the National Guard Family program in our state. She is the one who helps families get ready for deployments, now she has to get others ready with the added stress of having me ship out. We both have dreamed, honestly, of being at Vista Verde, we love the outdoors, mountains, horses, sledding hiking. It would be great if I could give her this time away for just the two of us, and I would sincerely appreciate your consideration, thank you.

Harold Chapman

Name: Harold Chapman
City: Atlanta
State: IL