Bringing back memories.

Hey Vista Verde, It’s me Lexie Carie. I was blessed enough to have meet you all through U of M. I came to your resort two summers ago. It was the week of my birthday. I enjoyed myself a lot and all the staff I miss dearly, you are all fabulous. If you dont remember me I was the one who wanted to ride the horses so badly but could not because of my hip. A few months after arriving home I went to ER because I had the start of pnemonia. When I got to the ER they took my tempature and I had spiked a really high fever just on the way to the hospital. They took some blood tests and my bone marrow transpplant doctor came in. He had tears in his eyes..He told me "it was back" at first I didnt believe it but thinking back me and my mom saw signs when we were at the ranch. The hip was one and I was having trouble walking sometimes. I am currently still in treatment but I will be done in November. One thing I will never forget about Vista Verde is even though I couldnt ride a horse Steve King took me on my very first dirt bike ride, It was so amazing to view Colorado that way. I told my mom the minute we got on the plane that we had to come back..I had to ride that horse. Not any horse because I can ride horses somewhere by home. I had to ride THAT horse. Months before we knew about the trip I would tell my mom about all the things I wanted to do when I got there and the only thing that made me the most excited was to ride one of your horses. I have pesterd my mom about taking a 3 day winter trip because they were cheaper and she said it probably wasnt going to happen, I was pretty bummed but I understood. So from that moment on I decided Vista Verde was going to be my honeymoon destination if you were still up and running. Thankfully I am friends with you all on facebook and realized this great oppertunity! I love to write and I was going to write a story but I feel it may end up being too long to read. I have never been to Colorado in the winter but I LOVE THE SNOW, winter is my absolute favorite season. Mainly beacuse of all the activites. Plus in december I got a hip replacement and hopefully will be able to enjoy life a little more, like riding horses and I really like snowboarding! I was looking at all the things you offer for the winter and I saw you offered sleigh rides, I think that is so cool. I have always wanted to go on one, In a way I find them magical! and what a great way to spend time experiencing Colorado. My stay would consist of a lot of horseback riding, sledding, sleigh ride and snowboarding if it is offered, I love being outside in the winter and I would love to seey you all again and experience Colorado in a whole new way! I understand that because I have already been here you probably will give the prize to someone else and thats fine, everyone deserves to have a trip like this, its once in a lifetime but when i saw this offer I thought hey maybe twice in a lifetime…IT COULDNT HURT!! I have already thought about the other person I would bring if I won. My Dad. My mom wouldnt probably like that but my dad really likes winter too and he would really enjoy it. My dad was supposed to come with me and my mom that summer but his job was really bad and he didnt have any money so he had to go to work, It was hard to have him miss out because I know he would have enjoyed it. He played it off like it was no big deal but inside I could tell he knew he just passed up a once in a lifetime oppetunity. I would really love to give him that oppertunity again. He really deserves it, He works hard and doesnt do much for himself. He never has the money too. I would love to come back to the ranch with my dad and see all of you and spend some good quality alone time with him. I think it would lift his spirits a lot, It has been a rough year. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. It does mean a lot and I hope someday I will see you all again!
Ps. I attached some pictures of when me and my mom came.

Name: Lexie Carie
City: Chesterfield
State: MI