Winter Whinnies

Wintertime with the ponies
Is such a fantasy.
Snorting and pawing,
Racing around freely.

A warm body beneath you,
Creaking leather the only sound,
As you walk outside surrounded
By the winter landscape’s soft, cold crown.

Shaking off the snow dust,
Stomping feet at the door.
A warm, chocolate beverage
Gives your fingertips some warmth.

Fun conversation as you sit,
Warming by the fire.
The scent of pine a-burning’
As you close your eyes and smile.

A winter retreat at Vista Verde
Would be a great treat to win!
Your resort has healing spirit,
Even in the cold season!

Massage, great food and riding,
What marvelous things to try!
My family would really love to go,
and see the wonders that you ply!

Name: Jennifer Nichols
City: Eckert
State: Colorado