Summer Crew 2011

Dace, our Jack of all trades with the title of ranch GM, resident cowboy, and artist/singer is also responsible for hiring our awesome staff each season. The process is intense, with multiple interviews, extensive reference checks, among other things. Each season we are amazed at how he is able to put together such a hard working, intelligent, energetic, travelled and personable group. He must have the touch. This magic not only comes from the new faces that arrive each season, anxious to experience life at a guest ranch and the grandeur of the Colorado mountains, but also the returners who add a mature and experienced component to the mix. We are thankful for the balance and have seen season after season how this combination makes for the perfect team. For those guests who are returning this summer you will be excited to see the familiar faces of: Chef Matt, Sous Chef Lewis, Chef Lisa, Chef Vinny, Johanna, Nicky, Kyle, Trey, Adam, Javin, Beka, Nathan, Reid, John I., Carson, John H., Camie, Chelsea, Steph S., and Ashley. A couple returners who are new to our management team are Steph Fredline, our new head housekeeper and Sarah Dreyer who is leading our server girls. What is remarkable about this summer’s team is the number of states which will be represented, atop the list is Indiana with 10 of our crew members! We will also have staff coming from PA, CA, AZ, OK, CO, NY, ME, WI, MI, MS, IL, WA, OH, FL, TN, MN, GA, NC, ID and TX. Whew! Be sure to stay tuned to our website for staff profiles that will give you a more detailed look at this season’s crew!

By Guest Blogger and Front Desk Mgr, representing the state of AZ: Christi Cline