Family Time

Good Morning to all, my story: my name is Kim I live in Calif. It would be my wish to have a Vacation where I could spend time with my 2 grown Boys together for a few days of glory, I was a single Mom from the time my youngest was 3, who by the way will be turning 30 this month. Having to work all there life to provide them with daily needs did not give me much time to watch them grow and spend quality time on vacations and time off most of the time I would sell back my vacation time to have the money needed for necessary items. They have both grown up to be wonderful young self supporting men but live so far from me that I don’t get to see them, I would more then anything in the world love to take my eldest son to surprise my youngest and spend his 30th birthday with him in the spender you provide. thank you for considering my entry.

Name: kim
City: hanford
State: ca