Springtime means babies!

With the sun shining more and more, and the snow falling less and less, we’re starting to think that spring is actually here! That means we can start getting ready for our summer dude ranch season. It also means that we can start anticipating the arrival of our 2011 foals.

The mares are due anytime between mid-May and early-June, so those of you coming early in the season are guaranteed some snuggle time with brand new babies. And those of you coming later in the dude ranch season will be able to take part in getting these little ones halter broke and ready to be members of our herd.

Just for fun, do any of you want to put in a guess for what order the mares foal? Heck, let’s take it a step further and you can even try to guess the gender of the foal!

Here is what Terry is predicting as far as the order of when the mares foal, and what they’ll produce:
Emmy- colt
Tele Tubby- filly
Rachael- he’s not sure
Chex- colt

What’s your best guess?