Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh… what a trip it would be. I worked at Vista Verde back in the 1980’s and have dreamed about coming back ever since. That was such a blessed time in my life, such an adventure… my first job away from home, my first airplane trip, meeting so many new people and falling in love with the mountains of Colorado.

I had always thought that my husband John and I would bring our family so that they could experience the same wonder that I did… but we were never able to have children. Then I thought it would be awesome to be able to bring my nieces, Katie and Madie, and my nephews Connor and John but never have felt we’d be able to afford it.

I can see lazy days of reading by the fire, active times filled with ranch activities, laughter shared over fabulous meals, beautiful vistas, cozy moments and magical memories.

Weather it be just my husband and I or time with our extended family, it would be just perfect to be welcomed back into the arms of Vista Verde.

Name: Shelle Hertz
City: Nashville
State: IN