Meetings, meetings, meetings….at a dude ranch?

Yep, we’re immersed in meetings here at Vista Verde Ranch this week. Dace, Ben and I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Denver at the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association Spring meetings. We drove back through a huge snowstorm that hit Steamboat Springs on Tuesday afternoon, and went right into meetings here at our dude ranch on starting Wednesday. It’s partly end of season wrap up as we closed last Sunday, part strategy and planning and part planning for summer. After today’s meetings, I think we’ll all need to get out and ride a horse or go for a ski outside in the fresh air. None of us are complaining to sit in our beautiful Great Room and devote some time to all of this, but most of us are used to moving around a lot outside, so we’ll be blowing off some energy this weekend!
We did take a little break to take a group picture with our Mardi Gras beads that Tiffany and Andrew brought us last week. Don’t we all look very thoughtful and focused? Maybe not your typical description of the management team at a luxury dude ranch!

Thanks to everyone who made this past winter season at Vista Verde so wonderful. We’re busy looking at what worked and what didn’t, tweaking things to be better and starting to get organized and ready for a busy summer season. We hope to play with you soon!