The Pre-Dawn Posse

I tend to come into the ranch early to catch up on my office work while it’s quiet. Most mornings, I have the place to myself. However, on snowy mornings like today, I come into a world of humming machinery and lights of the pre-dawn posse glowing in the distance. It takes a small army to keep up with the snow out here in the Colorado mountains. On these snowy mornings you’ll find Charlie grooming the ski trails with his snow-cat and Bill plowing the plowing the driveway in his truck. In addition, Javin was out on the tractor blowing the piles of snow that Bill pushed to the side of the mile-long driveway and John was over by the barn clearing the parking areas and maintenance areas in the skid steer.

As these guys are out clearing and packing the snow, the Chefs roll into the kitchen. Lewis and Lisa were the early crew in there this morning, preparing everything for Eggs Benedict and Banana Bread French Toast, among other breakfast offerings.
The snow falling dampens the sound of everyone working. It’s a quiet, efficient group of people hustling away at their work to make everything just right for the guests rolling in at breakfast time. We hope to see you step through the Lodge doors for your ranch breakfast at some point this winter!
You might even catch a glimpse of the moon peeping through the snow clouds like it did briefly before the snow began to fall in big, fat, fluffy flakes again.