My Family Fantasy Vacation – Poem

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Andrew Wullaert.

I am a family man by all definitions (and proud of it). I have a beautiful wife, Shera, and two beautiful children, Tyler and Brooklyn. We work hard to not only make ends meet, but to also make a good life for our family.

We have considered visiting Vista Verde many times in the past, but it has been a little bit out of our price range. We have looked at every picture on your beautiful website, and longed for the day where we could take our family and enjoy a few days in your perfectly thought-out winter paradise.

Our fantasy stay at Vista Verde:

We would arrive in our cabin at sometime midday
Settling in, getting ready, to make the most of our stay.

Our kids, excited and ready to burst
Ask us ‘… Mom? Dad? What do we do first?’

I’ll take pause, just a moment, no less…
A moment to think of how we have been blessed
To stand by the fire and lean on the hearth
Staring outside, Winter-Heaven on earth

The moment will pass as all moments do
With the sparkle of my kids
Saying ‘…What are we gonna do?’

I’ll look at my wife and give her a wink…
I’ll say to my kids ‘How ‘bout a sleigh ride?
What do you think?’

They’ll jump up and down
Showing excitement and glee
and I’ll just smile at my family.

The sleigh ride will be peaceful
and thoroughly bliss
A time of view-feasting
And happiness…

Smiles on our faces
We’ll return from our ride
Saying farewell to our driver
As we scurry inside

To warm by the fire in the room where we stay
And we’ll think to ourselves
‘… how awesome is this?’
‘It’s just our first day!’

As we relax, next to our fire
We start to notice our belly’s desire!
We’re pretty hungry, too hungry for snacks
It’s time to eat, to sit down and relax

We put on our coats
I grab my kids and my spouse
And we walk through the beautiful snow
Down to the ranch house

I can’t wait to see what awaits us in there
Whether formal, or casual, or cookout type fair
I know it’ll be tasty, an utmost delight
Tasty enough to enter my dreams through the night

We’ll eat and we’ll feast, and we’ll talk to each other
And maybe, just maybe, sister will get along with her brother
We’ll talk about fun, and the horse in the snow
And we’ll talk about tomorrow and where we will go…

‘We want Sledding and Sledding and Sledding some more!’
My wife winks at me because she knows what’s in store…
‘How bout a nice hill where we can sled faster and faster…
and a nice snow mobile to go up the hill after?’

My kids’ eyes about burst out of their head
As they try to process what mommy has said
I honestly think that they start to drool
They can’t imagine a sledding experience so cool

We finish dinner and go to bed for the night
The moon shining on snow
Our last beautiful sight…

The next days are a blur
We spend it together
Activities fill our days
No matter the weather

As our time winds down,
Because vacations end, you know,
We pack up our bags,
And get ready to go.

We pack up and get ready
We are peaceful, our vacation sublime…
We remember Vista Verde
and our snow perfect time.

Name: Andrew Wullaert
City: Roanoke
State: Texas