Fresh Snow Fresh Start..

I have never ridden in snow.. I always see the pictures of horses running through the snow and wondered what would it be like to sit up top with the crunch of snow under their hoofs. I have two horses both were horses someone didnt see fit enough to keep. One is a huge draft mare and I saw her soul the minute we were introduced. The other is a little Arab that was shot 58 times with a BB gun and was going to be put down. I got there just in the nick of time and with a local vet we saved her so she can live a carefree life. Neither are the perfect riding horse just yet.. Both a work in progress. I wasn’t able to take a vacation this past winter my company didnt have enough people to fill in..So I didnt get the time off. I work in radio and do morning drive I am up at 2 am.. just having one day to sleep in would be a vacation with no dogs barking and kids calling with little emergencies. If I had to pick a dream place to spend my time looks like Vista Verde would be it. I’d love to be able to experience riding in snow and just get on a horse and forget everything for just a few minutes. I dont care if its a half hour! I lost a lifelong friend this past summer and it has been hard but my horses have given me the much needed love. I would so embrace a fresh start to 2013 and I think Vista Verde Guest ranch would be a wonderful place to start!

Name: StaceyCohen
Company: Clear Channel
City: Los angeles
State: California