We thrive, regardless!

25 years of marriage this April. Where can we go? Never been on a cruise. Never been to Disney World. Never been to Hawaii. A lot of nevers in our marriage. But the always’s in our marriage are worth the celebration. 25 years of learning, rejoicing, crying, giving, forgiving, and counting our many blessings — even through heartache.

Us, God’s creations around us, fireplace roaring, phones not ringing, tv not blaring, serenity. Talking, planning, loving, reminiscing. Horseback riding, snow, God’s mountains, smelling and experiencing all the goodness of the world around us.

It would be a dream. Some dreams come true. And for the ones that don’t, our marriage is the dream come true.

Name: Kristin Motter
Company: None
City: Saratoga Springs
State: UT