Sunshine and Sand in Steamboat Springs

Several weeks ago, when I was in the midst of the fall mud season….the time when we change from gorgeous fall weather to spectacular winter, I got a call from some guest friends who were vacationing in Hawaii. That time of year can be gray, dreary, rainy and just plain cruddy here in Steamboat Springs so I was especially jealous of these friends. So I told them to send me some sunshine and sand. And this morning I opened a box of….sunshine and sand! With that, I had to plop in the snow and enjoy a little virtual vacation on the beach. Luckily, the sun came out this morning after snow falling all night and it’s actually quite wonderful here today. We have more snow right now than we have ever had at this time of year at our Steamboat Springs guest ranch.

Whether you are dreaming of snow or sand….happy dreaming! I’m enjoying both right now! I’ll update you on the cabin remodels in a few days. I’m still busy directing traffic as we move furniture back into the finished cabins. Oh, they are beautiful!