Sales, Marketing and Moving Furniture

Last week Christi blogged about how job titles are kind of a funny thing around here. I laughed as I started to write this week’s post as it is so, so true. Yes, my main role at the ranch is to focus on the reservations and marketing. Yet, last week I found myself out of the office more than I was in the office because I was busy redecorating cabins, moving furniture and picking through art.

As many of you know, we spent the fall remodeling several of our cabins. Well, Bill and a crew spent the fall remodeling….I just stuck my nose in every now and then to see the progress and helped provide support for the decorating choices. Well, the last mirrors are being hung, the beloved hooks back up on the walls and the dust wiped off every surface. So last week I spent a lot of time overseeing the furniture move, which of course opens the door for furniture swapping from cabin to cabin as well as rearranging with the new floor spaces. Although I’m still muddling through where to put art, what art needs to be replaced or updated and getting the new bedding in (it better arrive this week!) and new curtains hung…I can tell you they are GORGEOUS!! Big Agnes and Little Agnes were the most dramatic remodels and I think I may have a new favorite cabin. The living room space is more logical and laid out better. There is more light with the addition of some new windows. The master bathroom….oh baby. And the upstairs got a major facelift. Saddle also got a brand spanking new master bathroom that is ohh, la, la. Sand and Farwell got some little tweaks here and there but mostly just keeping up with the other 3 cabins with new carpet, paint, floor materials, countertops, fixtures, etc, etc, etc.. I just can’t wait for those of you coming out for the holidays to see them! It’s truly exciting. I tried to get some pictures, but this may require a professional as mine didn’t do the cabins justice.

Speaking of exciting, Dace earned his hiring wings once again with a knock out crew for the winter dude ranch season. We have spent this past week getting to know them, showing them the ropes and having a little fun too. What a great crew! They are from all over the place- West Coast to East Coast and even our lone Brit representative in the Kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, Matt has a completely brand new team in there and the energy is insanely contagious. When I need a lift, I just walk in there and watch them work and it revs me up. Everyone is talented, professional and passionate. I may be using the word excited too much, but we are pumped!

So, get your plane ticket, pack your bags and give me a call to book your winter vacation at Vista Verde! You may catch me answering the phone from out in a cabin….but I sure hope you get a chance to join the excitement out here this winter!

And that’s the latest from your all-inclusive Colorado resort (I told you I was in marketing too, right?) headquarters. Oh, and did I forget to mention that a Vista Verde Ranch stay makes a great romantic winter vacation idea? Guys…still looking for that last minute present??? Tee hee, can’t help myself.