The Sounds of Snow

As I woke up to new snow this morning, it got me thinking about the different sounds of snow. Snow make sounds you ask? Yes, there are definitely different sounds with different snow.

Today’s snow is typical of early or late season snow. Sloppy, wet, mushy. Car tires splash around in it, it makes the ground underneath muddy and messy. The heavy, wet snow weighs down the trees and snaps power lines. It’s a necessary snow as we need it to get our base going, but it’s not the most enjoyable snow.

Then you have quiet snow. The kind that just fluffs under your feet, the car almost makes no noise as you drive over it, and you almost feel like you have earplugs in as the sounds of the valley are muffled when this snow falls.

Closely related to that quiet snow is the famous champagne powder snow. This stuff is often followed by a crystal clear, cold day. Everything is magnified with this snow, and every time you take a step it makes a poof sound and snow puffs up around you. Light, fluffy, ideal for skiing and playing, but not so great for snowman building. The snowflakes are huge and beautiful.

Last up on my sounds of snow is the cold snow. This snow is like diamonds, glittering and shining as it falls out of the sky. It comes on days when it is so cold the snow doesn’t get a chance to make big snowflakes, just freezes in tiny little flakes. The trees sparkle as the sun rises and shines on the snow. The sound is crunchy. Whether you are riding a horse, driving a car or walking around every time you make a move the new snow crunches.

If you’re headed for a beach this winter, you’re going to miss out on experiencing one of these kinds of snow sounds. It’s a magical world out at Vista Verde in the winter. Breathtaking. As long as you have the right gear, playing in whatever kind of snow you get is an amazing winter vacation experience.