VVR Limerick

A man and his wife from Ohio,
Dream of winter in Colorado.
To ski, tube, and eat
Vista Verde can’t be beat
After three days they will start to feel mellow.

Summer days bring fun things to do
Like biking, hiking and canoes.
Winter is time to ski
With his sweetheart named Dee
They’ll hike the stream bank by snowshoe.

Days are spent gliding through white
Afternoon for cocktails and firelight
Take a quick nap
Go for a night lap
The snow looks magical by moonlight.

The sunlight shimmers through trees.
It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
The sky brilliant blue
You’ve never seen this hue
How could you doubt a Supreme Being?

Now, Terry trains guest friendly horses
and he offers guests great riding courses.
For an ornery old fart,
He’s quite equestrian smart
But we are scared to be one of his corpses!

We heard Steve has dreamed up a new sport
For the very adventurous sort
Its called riding snow bikes
can the tires have spikes?
It’s cold, we can’t wear spandex shorts!

We have come to love all the ranch hands
And the cowboy song-singing bands.
There are Steph, Kellie, and Ben
And many more to befriend
We will always be VVR fans.

It is already twenty thirteen
Who knows what the New Year will bring
Will the couple finally retire?
That’s what they desire
They want mountains and not warm marine.

Most go on vacation to lay
In the sunlight to soak up some rays
We love to ski
Our favorite place to be
Is tucked away at Vista Verde.

I hope you think our limerick is funny,
Mostly because we’re low on money
We really want to go
Where there’s five feet of snow
But we may have to pay you in honey!

Name: Greg and Dee Pifer
Company: Bluestem Farm
City: Baltimore
State: OH