New Pony, New Homes, New Off-Season Office

The first week of our fall off-season brings lots of emotion, changes and new beginnings. We are sad to see the summer season come to a close, but are filled with excitement starting to plan for the winter and even next summer! Projects are in full swing, with several cabin remodels, an addition to our mare barn and finding new homes for our lovable little “oldies.” During my morning walk I ran into Terry, Jo and Nicky….I quickly fell in love with our new mare, Sunday. She arrived at the ranch yesterday from North Dakota and is closely related to our mare Mary Jane. We will work with her all winter and will add her to our breeding program; she has great confirmation and good blood lines.

Other barn news, Jo is in the process of finding new homes for our oldies. Blue will be going to Denver to a therapeutic riding center. He is calm, loving and will the perfect addition for them. He is part of my off-season office…this morning I got to answer phones during my “blog bareback photo shoot,” you gotta love the informality of off-season at a guest ranch. After being here for a little more than a year, I still wake up every day amazed that this is my job. Walking to work past the gorgeous gold aspens, having my morning coffee on Blue, and yesterday going for summer season recap ride with Steph. Life on a luxury guest ranch doesn’t get much better!

By Guest Blogger and Front Desk Mgr. Christi Cline (With help from Head Wrangler Johanna Stouder!)