Vista Verde Superwomen

Each summer, we have to wonderful opportunity to host families from the University of Michigan Pediatric Cancer Center. It’s an amazing week for all of us, and we do our best to make it an amazing week for all the families in their journey to our Colorado ranch resort.

One of the joys of this relationship with UM is that we have gotten to know several of their staff very well over the years. These three gals come out each year to help organize the logistics and help with the families during their stay. They are all true superwomen and are amazing in all they give to the families during this week, as well as their roles in their lives back at home in Michigan.

We were laughing at the three musketeers as they lined up the other day watching us walk by. So we pulled Judy, Debra and Sheila in to sit below their ranch alter ego’s.

We couldn’t do this week without the tireless efforts of these three gals. I can easily speak for all the families here this year and past that these gals are so appreciated and their efforts have been life changing. We get a week to try to make a difference in the families lives, they do it day in and day out.

Go Blue!