Bring the Talent

Talents here at the ranch go far beyond their respective departments. This is evident in our team of housekeepers who have ingeniously remixed Wagon Wheel this summer by using a washboard and other musical instruments. One of the most interesting and talented quartets we have here at Vista Verde is our staff band who have coined themselves the “Farwell Mountain Boys.” This mountain boy band is made up of our two General Managers, Ben and Dace, along with Terry Wegener our resident horse trainer and one of our awesome wranglers, Reid Morgan. They became famous this summer with their rendition of The Gambler and Cowboy Logic, my personal favorite! Those of you who have visited the ranch this summer have seen the Morgan family talents. Leslie, Grace, and Reid definitely have the talent in their genes. You can see a video of one of their songs on our Facebook page. Grace, a musical theater major at University of Michigan added a Broadway number to our Saturday night Campfire, Dace and Grace (quite the duo), sing Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. It’s gotten quite the response this summer! A long-time favorite for both guests and staff alike is their duet Stuff That Works that remains on the set list. For anyone looking to fulfill their dreams of working on a luxury guest ranch in Colorado, I hope you bring the talent!

By, Guest Blogger and Front Desk Manager Christi Cline