Farewell to Chef Rob

Life doesn’t always turn out as expected, and this summer has been that for Chef Rob. After spending some time with his family this spring he realized that those times with his folks are becoming more and more precious. After pondering the idea of moving closer to home, he surprised himself by deciding that it might not be that bad of an idea to leave the Rocky Mountains. He was even more surprised when a friend contacted him, asking him to consider moving back for a Chef job very close to his parent’s home.

Although we’re going to miss Rob and his culinary contributions to the ranch, we’re excited for him in his next venture.

Rob will be handing off his role in the Vista Verde kitchen to Chef Matt, and Chef Pat will be stepping into Matt’s role for the rest of the summer. Both have been here for a long time so it’s a fairly easy transition.

We’re glad to have been a stop in Rob’s adventures in life. The stories and memories will last long past his final fabulous meal.