Dream Getaway For Two

My first visit to Colorado was a couple of years ago. We flew into the Denver airport, hopped into a rental car to travel on to Steamboat Springs. I will never forget seeing those beautiful snowcapped mountains for the first time. So much better in person rather than on a calendar or postcard. Breathtaking.
We were staying at a condo in Steamboat Springs so that we could see our son, who just happened to be working at Vista Verde at that time. We had heard so much about the ranch and what it had to offer, and just like the mountains, had to see it firsthand to believe how peaceful and beautiful it was. Upon arrival, we found that everything we had heard was true! It was such a beautiful place – inside and out. Our son took us for a tour, and I instantly fell in love with the ranch.
Everyone on staff that we had an opportunity to meet made us feel so welcome. Although we were only visiting, everyone went out of their way to make sure we didn’t miss seeing all there was to see. Although the accommodations and staff were above the top, I have to say that the natural beauty that surrounded the ranch is what makes me want to spend a weekend there. The mountains, streams, horses, trails and beautiful snow provides such a wonderful, peaceful feeling.
My husband, Mark, and I live in Indiana. We have three sons, ages 21 – 26. Boy, does life change when you least expect it! Kids have grown up, and now my husband commutes weekly to Houston. You can imagine how limited our time is together – definitely has become all about quality rather than quantity. When I read that there was an opportunity to spend a long weekend at Vista Verde, I couldn’t wait to enter my story. I couldn’t think of a better place that would be more peaceful, beautiful, or perfect for us. Even if we don’t win, I am thankful for the opportunity to reminisce about such a beautiful place that is tucked away in God’s beautiful surroundings.

Name: Teri Knapp
City: Cicero
State: IN