Board meetings by the Pond

Yesterday afternoon we had our manager meeting out by the pond. It was a little distracting with the sound of the creek running out from the pond so everyone had to speak up just a bit to be heard. And the wind every once in a while blew through and rustled our papers. Oh, and at one point when they ran the horses out to pasture we lost a little focus while all of us watched the show. And after sitting through two other meetings leading up to the manager meeting, I was getting a little uncomfortable sitting in that lounge chair. But otherwise, it was OK. I supposed I could be sitting in some board room with the sound of traffic outside, but I’ll take this board meeting setting any day. And you can too! With our increased space from the Great Room addition last year, better internet service with the T1 line, and the addition of the indoor arena for team building events both summer and winter we are set up to host more meeting groups and business retreats at the ranch. Give me (Stephanie) a call or email if you’re interested in finding out more about meetings at the ranch.

On another note, we took our staff photo yesterday. It’s amazing to see how many people it takes to provide the experience we offer at Vista Verde. It’s a great crew this summer. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, I hope you get to still this summer.