From May 25, 2010

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Review of Vista Verde Ranch and Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Colorado has a lot of beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. One place that offers plenty of both along with a great place to stay is Vista Verde. This resort is located in Steamboat Streams, Colorado.

Vista Verde is a combination of a ranch and a resort. Guests have the choice of staying in their own cabin or in a room in the lodge. This is an all inclusive resort and the traditional rates are for a full weeklong stay, although they do offer shorter stays. The minimum is three days. All meals are included in their rates along with a variety of activities. They are open June through September for Summer and mid-December through early March for Winter. The rates and activities for the two seasons are very different, so it is best to discuss them separately.

Summer rates for a weeklong stay run between $2,900 to $3,600 for a cabin and $2,700 to $2,900 for a lodge room depending on when you stay. The rates are per person, although they deduct $700 for children. Shorter summer stays are offered September 12 through September 26. The rates for these are $399 per night for a cabin and $379 for a lodge room. These rates pay for a lot of activities.

Vista Verde offers various activities during the summer. Horseback riding is one of the main activities with each guest being paired with a horse that suits his personality and ability. Basic and advance trail rides, informative classes, individual lessons, and an offered all day ride with a picnic are all activities that you may do with your horse. Those that enjoy the water may participate in rafting and kayaking trips. There is also a photography tour and outdoor yoga classes offered. Those that are in the mood to stay indoors for awhile might enjoy the cooking class or wine tasting. Some of the other summer activities include mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, and rock climbing. There are also some optional activities that are not included in the rates such as a hot air balloon ride, golf, and getting a massage.

If your visit will take place during the winter season the rates run from $325 to $525 for a cabin and $295 to $495 for a lodge room again depending on when you go. These rates are per person and per day and there is a three day minimum. If you have more than two guests, each additional guest can deduct $100 per night off of their price.

Horseback riding is still part of the Vista Verde experience in Winter, although the trails are not as long and are limited to a walk. Visitors may also enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride. Skiing is also one of the activities offered whether one needs beginning lessons or is experienced. Snowshoeing is also a fun winter activity offered at Vista Verde. Some of the other activities offered are indoor yoga, a photography ski, cooking classes, wine tasting, sledding, and a night ski. There are also multiple optional activities, although these cost extra. Some of these are dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice climbing, and more.

Vista Verde offers activities that everyone can enjoy especially if they love the outdoors. Fun activities along with beautiful scenery make this a great place for couples, families, or individuals. Visitors that are interested in how the ranch works are even welcome to follow along or help with the daily chores such as collecting chicken eggs, feeding the animals, or herding cattle. I would highly recommend giving this unique resort a try.