A Little Off Season Fun…What We’ve Been Up To!

Even though we’ve been closed for two months now, there have been a lot of projects and excitement going on at the ranch. Having just got back from a month off I was surprised to see all the improvements…AND meet the newest ranch additions! Ben and Holly have a new and oh so cute golden retriever puppy, named Copper. He is playful and already getting into the groove of being a ranch dog, with a little help from his big brother Cody.
Down in our mare barn, Emmy delivered a precious new filly last Saturday. Many of you may be following our “mare news” on Vista Verde’s Facebook page. Trust me when I say, this may be the cutest horse you’ve ever seen. With the birth of Emmy’s baby, which is waiting to be named officially, we are expecting another foal any day now. We will be sure to keep you in the dude ranch family loop!

Springtime cleaning this off-season has been accompanied by lots of new construction projects. Grahm our part-time wood worker and expert fly fisher completed a new gate this April that opens to winter pasture. He did a wonderful job and from the looks of it I think the horses are enjoying it as well. Steve has shown us that his skills stretch far beyond the trails with the completion of the new “King Team” office. It extends from the Nordic/Adventure Center and was built using recycled materials. From their new office to the kitchen, our luxury Colorado ranch in the mountains really is going green. Chef Rob is excited to introduce organic meats and produce from local Northwestern Colorado farms. More information will be shared in future blogs and during your summer stay here with us.

By Our Front Desk Mgr and Guest Blogger Christi Cline