Round Bellies

I went to visit the broodmares yesterday down at the mare barn. They are getting big round bellies, with the babies expected to begin arriving in early May. Chex and Teletubby were outside and were pretty hard to get a picture of as they just wanted to follow me around and see what I had in my hands. They are such sweet girls, and we’re hoping their foals get their pretty looks and kind personalities. It was a cold and snowy day yesterday, but they were still happy to be outside of their stalls getting fresh air. Today is going to be a better day for sunbathing, which is one of the broodmares favorite past times. Our spring newsletter is going out this week with some more information on who is expecting babies, so stay tuned. And you can count on cute baby pictures here on the blog and on our Facebook page as soon as they arrive! Did you also see that we were included in Sherman’s Travel as one of 10.